Australian Brewery, Rouse Hill

Beer and I have a connection like no other. The relationship I share with Patty doesn't even come close; it is no match. I depend on it like the blood running through my veins and it advertently clings onto me like a child does to their mother. Beer ... you are the fruit of my loins. Settle down Bernard.

Knocking down livers like they're disposable, Andrew, Patty and myself pay a visit to The Australian Brewery (350 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill). The dining hall provides a very unique and surreal feel with a pleasant mix of kids high on sugar, bogans and some golden oldies. Love Rouse Hill, suburbanisation at its very finest.

Australian Brewery - Fresh Press Cider

Australian Brewery - Pale Ale

Australian Brewery - Extra Hoppy Ale

Australian Brewery make some fairly tasty brews but it's nothing that will warrant a visit to Big Dubs for some new socks ... if you know what I mean. Despite not knocking any socks off, their Extra Hoppy Ale is quite pleasant and their cider is light, vibrant and fruity.

Wagyu Beef Burger - Caramelised Onion, Provolone Cheese, Beetroot Relish & Chilli Jam with Chips

A visit to the old Big Dubs for some new undies and pants may be required after a mouthful of this bad boy however. Hearty, mouth watering wagyu held in tightly by its closest friends ... definitely pee your pants worthy. Loving the sweetness from the relish and chilli jam, it really gives it that something extra!

Pulled Pork Burger - with Coleslaw & Chips

Reminiscent of the typical pub grub burger; uneasy on the eye but just so dam good ... like Patty ... woah Bernard, cheap shot brother. Bloody oath though, what a beauty. Moist, shreds of pork given a good old rub with mayo and some slaw. It won't be the best pulled pork burger you've ever had, but as you leave the place licking your fingers and wiping your mouth clean with a $50 note ... you'll say to yourself ... "that was a very honest burger". A burger that doesn't lie, there's no arguing with that.

Burgers are served on wooden boards, each with an "Australian" handle to remind all of us in this proud nation ... that we are indeed, too hot to handle ... what even?

Churrasco Combo Platter - Flamed Grilled Chicken Marinated in Parsley, Garlic & Oregano + Slow Roasted Lamb Marinated in Fresh Rosemary, Garlic & Sea Salt + Slow Roasted Pork Belly served with Greek Salad, Tzatziki & Pita Bread

A big description for a big gal ... ahahaha. I'm kidding babe, relax. But honestly ... how did you even manage this beasty mountain of cubed animals. Perfect for a Sunday arvo meat-fest with 3 of your favourites all roasted and ready to be devoured inside a tzatziki slathered pita bread. Again, nothing really spectacular with the meats; pork belly was a little salty and crackling was uncrackerlicious, lamb was pretty tasty and the chicken was fairly moist. As a combo however, the dish itself is quite generous and with the addition of Greek salad, some tzatziki and pita bread, it's like a kebab store on a plate - ingenious.

Crispy Pork & Prawns - with Sticky Chilli & Soy

If there was a standout dish for the day, then this my friends would be the one. The picture above doesn't do this ridiculously tasty dish any justice. A bowl jam packed with lightly battered pork and prawns, covered in a sticky and gorgeous chilli and soy marinade. It's giving me the jitters as I type. Dangerously addictive and honestly just all round delicious.

For a decent brew and some even better grub, check out The Australian Brewery. Probably a fair drive for some but schooners are cheap so that makes up for it right?

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