Big Tree House Cafe, Rydalmere

The not so Big Tree House Cafe (88 Calder Road, Rydalmere) was the destination for our little weekday cousin meet up. Chris, Jenny and myself made our way to the modest cafe tucked neatly in the burbs of Rydalmere and away from the hustle and bustle of other storefronts. At the time, Jenny was quite heavily pregnant but within a week of eating here, she had popped Liam out!!! So for all the pregnant mothers out there ... eat here and you'll be popping left, right and centre. It's a fact. Sample size = 1.

Congratulations Jenny and Justin. Welcome to the family little Liam. You're the very first of the next generation for us and in the future you'll have to take care of my kids too. All 9 of them ... but until then, you blow them bubbles ... and you blow them well!

Colourful Cups -

Rainbow starred cups because plain ones just don't cut it ... cut the big tree house. Sigh, what Bernard? Doesn't even make sense buddy. I'll nail it next time.

Soy Hot Chocolate

Chris' battle with dairy and indeed lactose intolerance continues with this soy hot chocolate. A tad easier on the bowels and even easier on the eyes, this bad boy went down without hesitation. Sorry about the personal stuff Chris, this blog hides no secrets


A fantastic piccolo made with Campos Coffee Beans. Delicious.

Chocolate Milkshake

Jenny craved her way into a milk bottled choccy shake. With syrup oozing it's way down the inside of the jar and the glistening brown liquid staring her blankly in the face, it was hard to tell if the froth on top was from the milkshake or Jenny's mouth! Yeah nice Bernard, nailed it ... nailed that tree house right into place

Gangnam Style Burger - Sweet, Soy Marinated Beef, Mushrooms, Onion, Lettuce, Sweet Soy Aioli & Kipfler Potatoes

Immediately, there was one dish that stood out from the rest of the menu and it was this Gangnam Style Burger. The Psy phase is well and truly over (thankfully) but his legacy is forever embedded and perpetuated in the form of a burger. What better way to carry on one's legacy. Sweet, tender bulgogi beef with the usuals, topped with sweet soy aioli for that extra zing and beautifully crisp kipfler potatoes on the side to soak up them juices. Overall, a really satisfying burger but much like Psy's talent, it just wasn't big enough ... woah Bernard where'd that come from? Uncalled for buddy.

Shakshuka - Baked Egg in Spiced Tomato & Capsicum Sauce with Chorizo, Rocket & Turkish Bread

Chris finds in front of him a cute little pot full of dreams and emotions with a side of toasted Turkish bread. A gorgeous, rich concoction of chorizo, tomato salsa-ey red brew and egg. Again, probably a tad small on the "Bernard's scale of Richter" but there's no denying quality when one sees one. I here it all the time when girls talk to me.

Pulled Pork Burger - with Mango Relish, Coleslaw, Rocket & Kipfler Potatoes

If Jenny pulled weights like she does pork then she'd be massive. What!? Makes no sense. Jenny scoffs her way through the "kids" sized pulled pork burger like a Ferrari does fuel. Again, some awesome flavours coming out of this little bugger, (yeah bugger) and the mango relish adds something left of field; but Liam could eat that to himself, where's the rest of the burger?

Ricotta Cake

Dessert followed in the form of a ricotta slab from Papa Pasticceria. Always an awesome cake and the ricotta gets me everytime.

Banana Bread

Jenny felt like some toasted banana bread and come to think of it ... she felt like a lot of things that day. Pregnancy I tell you ... does wonders to the body. Can't wait to rent a hotel room in the city for 9 months whilst Patty goes through hers. I figure ... if I'm not there for her then I can't get into trouble right?


An affogato big enough to sink the titanic twice over. Yeah you heard me right. A tennis ball scoop of vanilla ice cream served in a coffee mug is accompanied by a fresh shot of Campos Coffee, what's not to like?

You call that a big tree? Looks like a pot plant. Don't even. Besides the ordinary outdoor seating and the twig of a tree outside, Big Tree House Cafe dishes out some pretty fancy and delicious food. A really quick and easy place for a catch up with friends or relatives and in a convenient location!

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