The Hayberry Bar & Diner, Crows Nest

Apparently burgers, wings and booze contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. Go figure. Makes no sense to me.

An afternoon pit stop at the The Hayberry Bar & Diner was justified after a lazy morning sleep in and a long week at work. A combination of meat sweat oozing from a tender beef patty, fiery hot sauce dripping tip to tail off a buffalo wing and tapped liquid gold were exactly what the cardiologist ordered.

If I ever owned my own business, I'd probably have an office similar to this ... just saying.

Murray's Rudeboy Pilsner

A perfectly light, little brew to get those tastebuds ready for the big game. The game of life that is.

Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale

Followed by a gamier, more aromatic pale ale to really get those juices flowing. Oh yeah!

Signature Buffalo Wings - with Blue Cheese Sauce

With more attitude than the little brat from class in Primary School, these buffalo wings are sure to tickle your tonsils. Sweet, spicy, sour; it's everything you could ever ask for and more! It's like when your girlfriend puts on make up and you say to her, "hey, you actually look better than I remembered" ... then get slapped. But honestly, that blue cheese sauce is off the chart and these wings deserve a special mention. You won't be left disappointed.

That sauce though.

Borderlands - Beef Topped with Chilli Beef, Jalapenos, Spanish Onion, Lettuce, Cheese & Sour Cream

Holy Jalapenos! An artwork of minced cow atop its elder brother; the beef patty. A juicy and scrumptious concoction of two cows holding hands within a Mexican fiesta of condiments. A great, fulfilling burger with a bit of bite and zing. Special shoutout also to those waffle fries, my goodness. These beauties are simply stunning. They're like a fence of potato that protects your heart from the hardships in life.


This girl ... you look pretty good with make up I guess ... - R.I.P - Bernard Tsang 2015

Big Stack - Double Beef with Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Diced Onion & Special Sauce

The Big Stack; also my nickname back in the day. Again, accompanied with a generous serving of the most bloody delicious waffle fries. A moist double layering of beef, cheese and veg. What a burger should look like. I dream of this sort of burger when I'm awake; goodness gracious, think about the things I dream of when I'm asleep!

What a guy.

A seriously awesome place to have a relaxed pub lunch and probably just as good a place to grab a cocktail and end the week on a Friday. These burgers mean some serious business, likewise the rest of the food here. We'll be back for sure. Them wings I tell you.

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