Jillian's Cakery, Surry Hills

Apologies for the hiatus, I've been too busy eating ... what? Don't worry guys, my puns and delicious jokes will never leave this blog, rest assured. Let's make this post short and sweet shall we?

The arduous drives to uni are always made better with pit stops like Jillian's Cakery (242 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills) on the way. Run by the passionate Jillian Butler, this cakery is a breath of fresh air in the heart of Surry Hills. Cakes, brownies, coffees and other dessert goodies to share, take home or devour yourself ... sounds good to me.

Cinnamon Roll

No idea what the difference between a Cinnamon Roll and a Cinnamon Scroll is, but all you need to know is that it tastes bloody good. Sweet, soft and scrumptiously roll-tastic. The cinnamon flavour is subtle but the swirls of dough are like chewing on the best rubber bands ever. Trust me.


Nothing goes better with a sweet treat than a cuppa. That's why I'm always drinking tea and coffee when I'm around Patty ... get it? Ahahaha, no Bernard please stop you're jokes are getting outrageous ... outrageously good that is.

We took a box of goodies home after our first visit and sent them to the backyard for a photoshoot, standard procedure.

Brown Betty American Fudge Brownie - Awesome with a glass of milk

Brownies are a soft and often gooey topic at times. People's preferences for which type of brownies they like range from "I like brownies with nuts in them" to "I like brownies rolled in dirt" so it's a little precarious at times. In saying that however, dark chocolate brownies with nothing standing in its way are my favourite and Jillian's Cakery makes a mean one at that. Rich, luscious and every other adjective used to describe a woman with really nice hair can depict this gorgeous brownie. Wash down each bite with a swig of milk, it totally works!

Italian Cream Cake - Coconut & Pecan Sponge covered in Vanilla Bean Icing

I've always wanted to cover myself in icing from head to toe and roll around in a sandpit full of 100s & 1000s ... one day it'll happen #lifeambitions. To more important and relevant matters, here's a slice of the flavoursome Italian Cream cake with scattered chunks of pecan and dessicated coconut in and around every layer of sponge. Delicious!

Bunny's Carrot Cake - Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

It only seemed fitting that the Bunnybloggers have a taste at their own cake. Delicious layers of carrot sponge and icing which were as moist as a chunk of wet toilet paper thrown onto the wall of a cubicle ... right. Some awesome flavours hopping out of this bad boy and Jillian ... do I taste a hint of nutmeg in here?

Devil's Food Chocolate Mini Cakes

A scrumptious little cylindrical beauty with a glistening burnt salted caramel sauce which makes the hairs on your toes stretch out in anticipation. Bernard's Hot Tip of the Day: The best way to begin a diet is to start with a mini cake. Halve those calories and leave those fools drinking Opti-slim in your tracks.

Burnt Caramel Milkshake

If coffee or tea ain't your thang then a sugar syrup burnt caramel milkshake might be the next best thing to wash down the sweetness ... I think? Paper straws make no sense by the way, just saying. Worst invention since the Schticky was introduced to get all that dust off our shirts ... yeah alright mate.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH! Holy crap ... try stop yourself from laughing. What even ...

Pretty keen to purchase an entire cake here next time we have some sort of family gathering, so Jillian I'll be back soon! Loving the variety of sweets at Jillian's Cakery and no doubt an awesome place for some delicious coffee and cake!

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