Once Upon a Time, West Ryde

Once Upon A Time I had a dream, a dream where wine barrels were modes of transportation and chips didn't make people fat ... but hey that's a story for another day. After Patty finished her weekend shift at the dentist, we found ourselves at the newly decked Once Upon A Time Cafe. We nodded our way to the basement level to the tune of the old school Philips stereo in the corner and to get a better feel of mother nature in the form of pot plants and wooden tables.

We begin our weekend shenanigans with an assortment of coffee and an accompaniment of dangerously addictive cookies on the side. Indeed a cookie that even Betty Crocker would bend over backwards for. Her words, not mine. Settle down Bernard.

Cheer up Andrew. Photos aren't that bad. Oh wait ... you're balding, I see now. Hey if you're reading this click "here".

Garlic Prawns on the Pan & Sourdough - with Chilli, Shaved Fennel and Lemon

A skillet full of herbacious prawns, skittled fennel and enough oil to keep your Ford Focus XR5 Turbo roaring for days crawled its way over to the table. Besides the skillet being ice cold and the rest of the ingredients being room temperature, I actually quite enjoyed this dish! To me, it resemebled a forest full of imagery (this is real food porn);

"a pool of pebbled garlic lays scattered in and amongst shrubs of mixed herbs as playful prawns sit under a shredded tree of fennel and a grained sourdough canopy houses this utopic wonderland." - Bernard Tsang 2015 ... what

Texas Style Angus Beef Burger - with Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Double Cheese, Onion Jam and Housemade Smokey BBQ Sauce

The classic burger on a wooden board combo with a basket of chips. If that's not hipster ... then I don't know what is. Time to shave the beard off perhaps. Maybe it was because we were downstairs, maybe they forgot to switch the stove on; who knows, but our food was daringly cold for some reason. Nevertheless though, this saucy baby will leave you dripping for days. The good kind of dripping if there is one.

Moroccan Moo - Moroccan Seasoned Porterhouse Steak with Sundried Tomatoes, Beetroot, Rocket, Shaved Parmesan and Chimichurri

Possibly the most delightful out of the bunch. A fair tasty gourmet sanga that perhaps your mother wouldn't even be able to throw together. A slab of porterhouse steak lathered in the juices of its surrounding veggies and blanketed in a light snowing of parmesan cheese. It's not going to make you break up with your girlfriend anytime soon (because trust me ... food can do that to you sometimes) but it does the job.

There are many joys in life that are quite simply unmissable. This, put quite bluntly, isn't one of them. The interior for this nifty cafe is unique and their drinks are fair decent too but their food lacks that "come and eat me" vibe that good cafes/eateries dish out on a regular basis. Will probably give this joint another squiz later on, but for now my loyal readers (yes I'm looking at the two of you) ... stay hungry and never stop eating.

The 3 F's in life - Friends, Food & Family

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